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Designing for WordPress

1. Pick your WordPress theme:
When looking for a theme, look for a theme that has a header, navigation and footer layout that you like.

If you have WordPress installed, login to your Dashboard then go to Appearance > Themes and find a WordPress theme to add to your site. If you don’t have any navigation items showing up, add pages by going to Pages > Add New. When done adding your pages go to Appearance > Menus to add them to your navigation. Go to your browser to your subdomain URL to see what your website looks like and to make the screenshots in Step 2 below.

If your WordPress is not installed, go to and find a theme, click on the theme, then click on the the Preview button in the right sidebar and close out the left sidebar from appearing.

2. Make screenshots of header & nav and then a screenshot of the footer area.

3. Create a new Photoshop (PSD) file just like you did for your other websites (1300 px wide by 1500 px tall). Insert the header/nav screenshot at the top of the document, insert the footer screenshot at the bottom of the document.

4. Design Navigation & Content Areas. On the navigation, design in the different navigation items you are going to have and design your page layout for each page.