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Designing Responsively

Since most people view the web through smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets, a website today needs to display well on these mediums.

Features of a Responsive Website

There are two types of methods to build a website that displays well on mobile devices and one of them is to make it responsive.

• A website that is built on responsive standards (just like mine) works on any device without and special accommodations.

• Its adjusts and resizes everything to fit appropriately.

• On a smaller display, it automatically presents the viewer with a dropdown box for the menus. A responsive website is quick, agile, and lightweight and all of this combines to ensure a fast loading experience for the viewer.

Purpose of a Responsive Website

The purpose of a mobile site is simply to display information from your website on a mobile device such as the iPhone, Android phones, etc so that it shows well. You want it to be lightweight so it loads fast because no one will wait for a webpage to load on their phone.

Your mobile site should be a bullet point of your main site that includes the most pertinent details such as:

  • Call Us feature – make it easy for your customer to call you from their phone without actually entering your phone number in their mobile device.
  • Find Us feature – since most mobile device feature a map application, you want you customers to be able to locate you easily.
  • Call me back – added as part for the site so that customer can click an icon on your mobile site, enter a phone number and have it automatically routed to an email for you to follow up on.
  • Information updates – A feature that customers can opt-in to so that they receive your messages, whether text or email.

Everyone who has a phone today has a smart phone and they are using it so you want your site to display well enough for them to use it.

Design Tips for Mobile:

– Reduce the number of navigation items for desktop vs. mobile (desktop may have 8, but maybe mobile has 3), maybe your navigation becomes a drop down for mobile.
– Make your buttons taller so that people can easily click on them.