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Publishing Your Website

To publish your website log-in to your websites cPanel. When you sign up for your web hosting plan you should receive your cPanel login.

If you are unsure of what your cPanel login is, contact your web host and they will be able to assist you retrieve or reset your cPanel login information.

Enter in your username and password below:


Once logged in your should see your cPanel that looks something like or similar to this:


To publish a site you coded in Dreamweaver:

Go to File Manager:

Select public_html:


Create a folder directory for your site to live.

(Example below is portfolio, meaning the URL is


Inside of this newly created directory upload all of your HTML files, CSS files, Image folder with all of your images inside of it into this folder.
For faster uploads you can use a File Transfer Program (FTP) like FileZilla, Cyberduck or Fetch – your web host can give you set up information.
Also make sure you have an index.html file here otherwise your website will not be discoverable online.


Your site is now up at your directory folder and live online!!! Super exciting!

Creating Your WordPress Website

Go to Domains > Subdomains

Create a subdomain for the name you want. Just fill in the subdomain field below with that name all in lowercase with no spaces or other not alpha-numeric characters.
For example a subdomain of classes will result in the URL of


Once your subdomain is set up, go to Software and pick either WordPress Install or Softaculous app to install WordPress (the Software apps seen here vary by webhost) but all webhosts allow you to do WordPress installations.



Choose your domain name or subdomain name to install WordPress at. For “In Directory” leave blank to install in the main folder for subdomain.


Select your username and email, this is what you will use to login to WordPress.
Provide the email address you want to be on file for the site installation, this is important if you need to reset your login info later.


Put in your email address your want to Installation Details sent to. The instructions will contain links where you view your WordPress site and the URL of where you can login to modify your content. Click “Install”, should take a minute or two and then you are ready to build your WordPress site!