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Jobs: SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Is the practice of optimizing website content and descriptions to make websites rank higher in search results.

Popular Search Engines

• Google
• Yahoo
• Bing

Meta Information

Meta Title – Is the website title that shows up on the top of a website in a browser such as how my website on top says “Brian Hauser’s Class Website”.

Example: Cazenovia College | Founded in 1824 | Cazenovia, New York

Meta Keywords – Are a list of keywords about the website that are separated by commas.

Example: cazenovia, cazenovia college, new york, syracuse, madison county, higher education, college, university, private college, liberal arts, central new york, upstate new york

Meta Description – Is a couple of sentences describing what the website is about that uses the company name and some keywords.

Example: Cazenovia College is a 4 year private institution 20 miles southeast of Syracuse New York. …

Writing for SEO

1. Blogs

2. Press Releases

3. Regular Webpage Updates

4. Social Networking Sites: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Google has an algorithm that only they know what it contains that crawls websites every few weeks. When Google crawls websites it looks for fresh content and looks at all of the meta information for the website.

Google Search Console can help you to take down old cached webpages that are no longer active, as well as, you can create free site maps and upload them for Google to crawl your website quicker.