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Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is making the web usable and readable to all users despite differing abilities in an individuals communication ability.

• We design websites to meet a variety of needs for people who visually impaired by things such as being blind or color blindness.

Color Blindness Website Testing

Tips to Help Web Accessibility
1. Breadcrumbs – Links on the top of webpages to show people the level or the site they are in.
2. Web activities without time limits
3. Web activities that can be paused and started where left off
4. Movies with audio descriptions
5. Alt tags on all of your images saying what the image is (i.e. company logo, etc.)
6. Captions for multimedia pieces
7. Conveying information from color differences on images inside of text
8. Ensuring no web content flashes or blinks more than 3 times.
9. Ensuring purpose of link in the sentence that contains a link.
10. Sign language interpreters in video streams
11. Linking to definitions
12. Placing interactive elements in a logical sequence
13. Providing a glossary, site map or table of contents.
14. Spoken versions of text
15. Descriptive titles for web pages

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